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The following article by Swami Purohit was first published in the October 2019 edition of the best selling UK magazine, "Health and Wellbeing".


For anything to function correctly, balance and stability are key. The immune system is no exception. Yoga offers a holistic approach to balancing the whiole body and these exersises focus on balancing the main organs, reducing tensión and stress and boosting energy. These poses direclty support and strengthen the immune system and help keep illness at bay.  


1: TADASANA (Mountain pose

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Este artículo de Swami Purohit apareció por primera vez en el número de Octubre de la revista británica "Health and Wellbeing".

Para que todo funcione correctamente, el equilibrio y la estabilidad son clave. El sistema inmunológico no es ninguna excepción. El yoga ofrece un enfoque holístico para equilibrar nuestro cuerpo y estos ejercicios se centran en el equilibrio de nuestros órganos principales, reduciendo tensión y estrés e incrementando la energía. Estas posturas fortalecen directamente el sistema inmunológico y ayudan a reducir enfermedades.

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The health benefits of black tea

In this article we will be looking at the properties and health benefits of black tea. When it comes to nutrition, we tend to follow trends, however it's much better to follow scientific criteria and investigation... This is what happens with black tea; it may not currently be the most popular, but drinking it has a series of benefits that you should know about in order to take much better care of your body. Let’s take a look at them:

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