NEW COURSE! HOLISTIC KRIYA YOGA: Available online or face to face

Introducing Sri Swami Purohit's new course:


Holistic Kriya Yoga


The new Holistic Kriya Yoga has been designed in 2 parts:


First, an 18 month long course, divided into 3 modules, each lasting 6 months.

Second, a complete year of personalized practice. 


You will find all the details below:



MODULE 1 (January - June 2023):


In this module you will learn special asanas (poses) for the spinal cord, the advanced version of the Sun Salutation exercise, and yoga for the astral body. 


MODULE 2 (July 2023 - January 2024):


In the second module you will move to the next level of the mantra, with longer and deeper chanting practices. You will also explore the next level of meditation and concentration practices. 


MODULE 3 (February - July 2024):


In the third module of the course you will go deeper into the practice of Kriya Yoga, in order to purify and strengthen the third eye, the heart centre and the nervous system, so that you may store a greater amount of spiritual energy.



Final year of training (September 2024 - September 2025):

We will dedicate the final year of the course to developing a personalized practice and a lifetime spiritual development plan for each student.



This course is not only designed for students who have already completed one, or both, of the previous Holistic Yoga courses. It is also open to new students who wish to begin working with Swamiji. The only requirements are a genuine desire to grow, and a sincere commitment to attending the course and completing the daily practice on a regular basis.   

Students who have already completed one of the previous Holistic Yoga courses should not be concerned about new students joining the group. Each individual student will receive the energy they require and will grow according to their own capacity and needs. The participation of new students will therefore not affect the general level of the group. As long as each student remains committed to the training and to the practice, they will continue to grow and reap the benefits of the course.  

The live course will be held one weekend each month in Granada (Spain)

Venue: Hotel Macia Real de la Alhambra, Granada

Timetable: Saturdays 09.00h to 14.30h / Sundays 09.00h to 14.00h

Price: 110€/person (Concessions: 85€/person)

We kindly ask you to wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or similar, a notebook and pen. 



This course will also be available online, in a pre-recorded video format, which will be available one week after the live course is held. 

Online course price: 80€/person per month. 



New students: Please contact Kate via email or WhatsApp to request more information and complete your booking. You will receive all the details (course dates, payment options etc.) via email. 

Contact: Email: / WhatsApp: +34 692 151 351

Office hours: 10.00h to 19.00h Monday to Friday.


Current students: If you are already taking part in the current Holistic Yoga course and would like to continue with this next level of training, simply send a WhatsApp to Kate (+34 692 151 351) confirming your enrolment for the new course.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Swami Purohit

Swami Purohit

Purohit Swami was born in 1964 in India. He studied mathematics and science at Delhi University and worked first as a math teacher and later as a business consultant. He has studied the Vedic science and practiced meditation and all branches of Yoga with great teachers of all traditions for more than 30 years. Since 2006, he teaches the ancient Vedic knowledge and, today, is considered one of the greatest experts of Yoga and Meditation.

Purohit Swami lives in Granada and disseminates knowledge of the Eastern teachings throughout Spain, making them affordable and practicable to Western minds.

During these years of teaching, people feel inspired by the simple way in which Swami Purohit shows that yoga and meditation are powerful tools for improving daily life. What makes his teaching so special? The peculiarity is that the practices of yoga, meditation and mantras proposed not only help improve the physical health but also develop the mind and emotions.

"Through yoga and meditation we become free of suffering, misery and bondage , remaining in a constant state of love, happiness and peace , allowing us to live in the here and now fully".  Swami Purohit.

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 Online or face to face in Granada, Spain
 Number of Week72
 Sat, 21/01/2023 - 09:00
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 Swami Purohit

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