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As described by MDNY (Moraji Desai National Institute of Yoga)



Life can sometimes be exciting, or difficult, or sometimes comfortable but uninspiring. One thing is certain though, life is a huge challenge but it is worth understanding it better so that we can improve it.

Many of us feel that, whatever our current reality, we can still advance and enrich all aspects of our lives. This can be difficult if we have trouble identifying which is the most appropriate path for our individual needs and desires. This is why a teacher or spiritual guide, and the correct tools, are needed.

Holistic Yoga with Sri Swami Purohit is an exceptional course, in which you will experiment the extraordinary power of yoga in your life.  His proven methodology is based on a combination of ancient teachings and wisdom with simple, but very powerful, physical yoga exercises, and meditation. This training will be a very gratifying experience and will give you the tools you need in order to transform your life in a positive and permanent way. 

The majority of us tend to just survive as we have very little vital energy, also known as prana. This is why we often lose hope and enthusiasm and fall into negative behaviour patterns. If we don't take measures to correct them, the situation will often worsen until it becomes impossible to solve.

Holistic Yoga training will provide you with all the necessary tools to gradually redefine your consciousness. This will allow you to clearly distinguish between the essential and the optional activities in your life, those that you need and those you desire. You will be able to choose the best options and make the correct decision in any given situation, as well as completely understanding what your purpose is in life and how to achieve it.  

This course will also allow you to let go of the past and leave it behind you, forgive yourself and others and concentrate on the present moment, free from any past regrets or future worries.



The aim of Sri Swami Purohit's teachings is that of spreading physical and mental wellbeing and wisdom to all participants. For this reason, this course is designed so that any one can benefit from it, regardless of age, physical fitness or experience. The only requirement is that of having an open mind and a deep desire to develop one's maximum potential.  



This course is divided into 3 modules, each with a duration of 6 months.

Module I: Purification and development of the physical body

This is the base of the training, as the physical body must be made pure and strong, via breathing and yoga exercises, in order to gnenerate the vital energy which will be needed when we work with the mind and emotions later on. Quality of life depends on the amount of vital energy that we have. The aim of this module is to achieve excellent physical health and develop a LIGHT and FLEXIBLE body, as well as increasing vital energy.

This is achieved by working with the navel centre, generating energy and storing it. At the same time you will develop the nervous system, the 5 different pranas that make up the body and the psychic centres, or chakras. In this way you will be able to store enough energy in order to purify and strengthen each and every pore in your body and enjoy a feeling of greater happiness, flexibility and youth.  


Module II: Mental Development

The aim of this module is to develop a CALM and QUIET mind. During the next 6 months we will work with the unconscious mind, which is the source of all our conditioning and l imitations. Through yoga, meditation and mantras, we will move spiritual energy from the heart centre to the nervous system. This will allow us to be aware of ourselves and our lives and achieve a greater perspective. This energy will also process our unconscious mind and it's impurities (anger, fear, doubt and expectations) without creating feelings of blame or frustration. The process of witnessing our own fear and limitations will free us permanently from old patterns of suffering and low self esteem. We must be objective and honest with ourselves in order to see things as they really are and increase our awareness. In working with the nervous system, you will develop mental calm and clarity, concentration and detachment.  


Module III: Conection with the soul or inner self

Once we have purified, strengthened and developed the body and mind, we will be ready to enter into a deeper level of yoga practice, which is CONTROL OF THE EMOTIONS, ACTION IN RELAXATION AND BLISSFUL AWARENESS. We will learn to connect consciously, whenever we want, with our soul via the heart centre. We will work with meditation and mantras to generate vital energy and transform it into spiritual light. We will gradually experiment a deeper connection until we are able to recreate this state of joy at will. The soul lives in the heart and due to past suffering we tend to disconnect from it. However, this disconnection stops us from experiencing true happiness. 

Some people think that happiness doesn't exist. Others prefer to be right rather than happy. When ever we are in the mind instead of the heart, we will be incapable of making decisions with clarity and experiencing happiness.

The aim of this module is to connect to the heart and achieve emotional balance, so that changes in our external reality no longer affect us. A person who is connected to their heart will feel permanently in peace, despite any external reality.

Working with the heart implies developing compassion, joy and intuition. The intuitive consciousness reveals the map of our future and frees us from imaginary fears and doubts.



What makes these teachings unique, is the spiritual energy that Sri Swami Purohit transmits in each session. With each energy transmission, Sri Swami Purohit helps us achieve a higher level of consiousness which will become permanent with the regular daily practice.

The soul must be awakened in order to begin the true path of development. The aim of this course is to obtain a permanent connection with the soul. The soul heals the mind, body and heart, it creates harmony within us and with those around us. It helps us flow ith life and accept it as it is. Everything we need is inside us; peace, love, joy and wisdom. However, none of this can be attained without first connecting to the soul. This is the most important task of the Spiritual Master.



This course is not about perfoming complicated yoga postures. It is a practical course to help you fully develop your potential and enjoy a great life using physical, mental and spiritual tools, which are simple but extraordinarily effective. When you learn how to use them you will become self sufficient, and eventually, you will be your own guide.



Venue: Hotel Abades Nevada Palace, Calle de la Sultana 3, 18008 Granada

Times: Saturdays 9 to 15h / Sundays 9 to 14h

Duration: El course will be held one weekend each month, for 18 months.

Prices: 100€/person per month. (75€/month concessions)

Other discounts: We offer the option of paying for the course in 3 quotas, to be paid in advance of each 6 month module. In this way you can benefit from a discount of 20% as the prcies per module will be 480€ instead of 600€. Note: This payment method does not allow reimbursements if you are unable to attend any of the sessions.



To book, please contact Kate (course coordinator) by 'phone or email

Email: info@swamipurohit.com

Telephone/Whatsapp: +34 627 957 833 (Office hours, Monday to Friday).

Contact: Kate





Swami Purohit

Swami Purohit

Swami Purohit nació en India en el año 1964. Estudió matemáticas y ciencias en la Universidad de Delhi. Entre su experiencia previa se encuentra la enseñanza, como profesor de matemáticas, y la asesoría a empresas. Durante más de 30 años se ha formado en la antigua ciencia védica y ha practicado tanto Meditación como todas las ramas del Yoga con renombrados maestros de todas las tradiciones.

Hoy vive en la ciudad de Granada y es uno de los grandes expertos en Yoga y Meditación. Considerado maestro en ambas disciplinas, enseña el conocimiento védico desde 2006 y divulga las enseñanzas orientales a lo largo de toda España, haciéndolas accesibles y practicables en la sociedad occidental.

Swami Purohit transmite sus amplios conocimientos adquiridos sobre el yoga y la meditación de una forma sencilla y orientada a cualquier persona. Dedica su vida y esfuerzo, desde hace muchos años, a compartir el poder que la práctica de estas disciplinas milenarias supone para la mejora diaria de sus alumnos. Beneficios que van más allá de la salud física con un desarrollo además mental y emocional.

“A través del yoga y la meditación nos liberamos del sufrimiento, las miserias y las ataduras, permaneciendo en un estado constante de amor, felicidad y paz, y permitiéndonos así vivir el aquí y ahora plenamente.” Swami Purohit

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