The Importance of Detachment

People often ask me how I can live a limitless life. The answer is simple. Learning to detach is the secret. Detachment from energy, emotion and material things. 

Detachment happens when you are totally self-sufficient. But do not mistake detachment for not caring. We can still care, and when we listen to our heart, we find ourselves in a place of pure love. 

Detachment takes practice. Detachment is a duty or responsibility which, when practised, will teach you not to expect anything in return.  


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La importancia del Desapego

A menudo la gente me pregunta cómo puedo vivir una vida sin límites. La respuesta es sencilla: aprender a desapegarse es el secreto. El desapego de la energía, la emoción y los bienes materiales.

El desapego sucede cuando eres completamente autosuficiente. Pero no hay que confundir desapego con que no nos importen las cosas. Aún nos pueden importar, y cuando escuchamos a nuestro corazón, nos encontramos en un estado de puro amor. El desapego requiere práctica. El desapego es una responsabilidad que, cuando se practica, te enseñará a no pedir nada a cambio.


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The following article by Swami Purohit was first published in the October 2019 edition of the best selling UK magazine, "Health and Wellbeing".


For anything to function correctly, balance and stability are key. The immune system is no exception. Yoga offers a holistic approach to balancing the whiole body and these exersises focus on balancing the main organs, reducing tensión and stress and boosting energy. These poses direclty support and strengthen the immune system and help keep illness at bay.  


1: TADASANA (Mountain pose

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